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What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Inverter?

Aug 08, 2018

1) the power of TV set, monitor, motor, etc. reaches the peak at startup. Although the converter can withstand the peak power of 2 times of the nominal power, the peak power of some electrical appliances that meet the requirements may exceed the peak output power of the converter, causing overload protection and current cut-off. Drive multiple electrical appliances at the same time, this may happen, at this time should first turn off the electrical switch, switch on the converter switch, and then turn on the electrical switch one by one, and should be the first to open the highest peak electrical appliances.

2) in the process of use, the battery voltage start falling, when the converter DC input voltage to 10.4-11 V, alarms peak chirp, the computer or other sensitive electrical appliances should be closed in time, if ignore the alarm, converter was in 9.7 10.3 V voltage, automatic shut off, so that you can avoid battery be overdischarge, power protection off patrol, the red light is lit up.

3) the vehicle should be started in time to charge the battery to prevent power failure, affecting the start and battery life of the vehicle;

4) the converter may be damaged even if the input voltage exceeds 16V without overvoltage protection;

5) after continuous use, shell surface temperature will rise to 60 ℃, pay attention to air flow, stay away from the influence of high temperature object.