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What Should We Pay Attention To When The Motor Exceeds 60Hz?

Jan 15, 2019

When operating over 60Hz, the following matters shall be noted:

(1) machinery and devices operating at this speed should be fully possible (mechanical strength, noise, vibration, etc.).

(2) the motor enters the constant power output range, and its output torque should be able to maintain the work (the output power of the fan, pump and other shafts increases in proportion to the cube of the speed, so pay attention to the slight increase in the speed).

(3) bearing life problems should be fully considered.

(4) for motors above medium capacity, especially 2-pole motors, please discuss with the manufacturer carefully when operating above 60Hz.

According to the different structure and lubrication mode of reducer, some problems should be paid attention to. In the gear structure usually can consider 70~80Hz as the maximum limit, using oil lubrication, continuous operation at low speed is related to the damage of the gear.