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With The Widespread Application Of Photovoltaic Power Plants, Photovoltaic Inverters Are Also Widely Used.

Aug 07, 2020

With the widespread application of photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic inverters are also widely used. According to the application of photovoltaic power plants in different scenarios, it can be divided into: household type, commercial type, and power station type. Household type and commercial type are usually called string grid-connected inverters in rooftop power station photovoltaic systems, which are distinguished from power station type or centralized inverters. Today we will talk about the technology of household photovoltaic inverters in detail.
The output power range of household photovoltaic grid-connected inverters is usually 1kw~30kw or less than tens of kilowatts. This type of photovoltaic inverter usually meets the following requirements:
1. Single-phase or three-phase low/medium voltage grid-connected
2. Transformerless design, conversion efficiency greater than 96%
3. Wall-mounted installation, IP65 protection level, meeting outdoor use conditions
4. The whole machine is light, friendly display interface, beautiful appearance, etc.
The end users of household photovoltaic inverters are individuals and families, so the appearance design of the inverter is closer to the product design of household appliances. Household inverters are used indoors, so the product itself should meet the requirements of low noise, beautiful appearance, and small size. For inverter manufacturers, they should fully study the appearance and installation of such electrical products by target market users. In order to meet the differentiated needs of customers, the inverter products can not only meet the requirements of safety and high efficiency, but also meet the needs of users for appearance, interface display, installation, etc., to better meet customer needs , To promote market development and product upgrading.
SAFESAVE photovoltaic inverters are beautiful in design, with various models and functions specially designed for household use.