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12vdc 220vac Power Inverter


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SGP
Rated Power: 300W-8000W
\Input voltage: 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC
Output Voltage: 220VAC±5%
Frequency: 50Hz±3 or 60Hz±3
Output Waveform: Pure sine wave
Output Efficiency: 94% MAX
THD/AC Regulation: THD<3%(Linear Load)
Cooling Way: Intelligent Cooling Fan
Working Temperature: -10℃-+50℃
Packing: Honeycomb carton

Product Details

Technical Parameter


Video of SGP series power inverter:

Product Overview:

Zhejiang Saikong Electrical Technology Co. , Ltd power inverter has been improved more scientifically based on the traditional craft. Aluminum shell has improved its sturdiness life. And it ensures the products' performance once again. Saikong Pure sine wave inverter has been improved more scientifically based on the traditional craft. Aluminum shell has improved its sturdiness life. And it ensures the products' performance once again. These features make it can meet all AC load application requirements, includes TV, computer, lights, refrigerator, air condition and generator and so on.

Protection features:

1. Low voltage protection: When the battery in low voltage condition, shut down output, buzzer light at the same time wore.

2. Over-voltage protection: when the battery voltage is higher than the range of the machine rated voltage, the machine shut down output, buzzer and light work.

3. Overload: when the load powr is greater than the machine rated power, the machine shut output, buzzer and light word.

Thermal protection: when the internal temperature is above about 75℃, the machine shut down output, buzzer and light at the same time work.

4. Short circuit protection: output short circuit, the machine shut down output, buzzer an light at the same time work.

5. Anti-Anti-connect protection: when input positive and negative poles reversed the diode anti-anti-burn fuse to protect the inverter, need to replace the fuse MOS FET anti-anti-connect inverter does not work: can be word after reversed. when the inverter temperature reach about 45℃, the cooling fan start working force air cooling.

Product display:



SGP-D series power inverter( with conventional display)


SGP-E series power inverter( with color screen)


SGP-C series power inverter( with charging)


Off grid solar system connection:

SAFESAVE Catalog of pure sine wave inverter_8-1

Application of SGP Series solar inverter:


Output Receptacle(optional):




About us:

In 2000—-The first thyristor motor soft starter was developed with independent research, making our company one of the earliest manufacturers of the soft starter in China;

In 2003—-The factory was moved to Shanghai;

In 2005—The second generation of intelligent soft starter and the variable frequency drive were certified as Shanghai new and high technology transformation achievements;

In 2006——Identified as Shanghai high-tech enterprise;

In 2007—-A new generation of vector variable frequency drive was put into large-scale production;

Moved into Caohejing Economic and Technological Development Zone of Shanghai City

In 2008—-Products were applied to the swimming center and shooting center of Beijing Olympic Games in batches.

In 2010——Production was applied in Shanghai World Expo;

Build up cooperation relationship with Fudan university optoelectronic department and Organize the photovoltaic inverter research laboratory.

In 2014——Regrouped and moved to Songjiang national economic and technological development zone of Shanghai City;

Build up strategic cooperation relationship with Chint Group and Delix Group, and became the sole official supplier of the core inverting components of EPS power products for the two groups.

In 2015——SY9000 devises were successfully developed and put into trial-production;

Meanwhile, the professional research team of servo motor and servo controller were organized.

In 2016——A new setting-free, quick-start, compacted, foolproof soft starters named SJR3—N has been developed successfully and put into trial-production.

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