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220V Electric Motor Soft Starter for Motors


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SJR3-3000 Series
Rated power: 9kW-115kW
Type: 3 phase
Power supply: 220VAC
Inbuilt bypass: Yes
Communication port: RS485
Protective class: IP20
Storage temperature: -25℃~70℃
Application: Fan/crusher/blender
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter

softstarter-3000 -

Product Overview:

The SJR3-3000 series softstarter has a built-in bypass motor soft start and integrated bypass contactor, which greatly reduces the construction cost of the application. It is different from the installation and wiring maintenance of the external soft start. It is also different from the high heat conflict of the thyristor online soft start. This series soft starter also supports the bus function of Modbus protocol to support large-scale industrial control layout. It expands new functions such as literal display, industrial communication and various protections based on the products of SJR2 series. This product will be the upgrading and replacement of SJR2 series soft starter eventually.

Product Features:

◎ Easy to control

◎ Long life

◎ Liquid crystal display

◎ No need for control circuitry

◎ Space saving

◎ Labor saving

ac motor starter-2

The rated power of SJR3-3000 series softstarter

SJR3-3000 soft starter








About Us

We Zhejiang Saikong Electrical Technology Co. , Ltd under the brand SAFESAVE is a professional manufacturer of VFD/frequency converter, soft starter and accessories. We have a powerful RnD team with Professor Zhao as chief engineer, who is a tutor of PHD in Shanghai Fudan University, we have very close relationship with many research and scientific centers in Shanghai universities.


Q: Can the frequency inverter be used to control and adjust the speed of the single phase motor?

A: No. In most cases the frequency inverter cannot be used for single phase motors. Any casual use of the frequency inverter will cause damage to the equipment.

The reason is explained as below:

95% of the single phase motors found in the market are single phase capacitor split phase AC motors, which start the rotor by changing the phase difference between the winding current through the capacitance.



(1) (2) Single-phase capacitance operation ; (3) Single-phase two-value capacitance operation

Therefore this is big difference between the starting principles of the single phase motor and the three phase motor and another more capacitance in the motor construction will bring latent problems to the frequency inverter:

(1) The problem of high frequency resistance of capacitance. Inverter output waveform is SPWM wave. The high frequency harmonics which have a certain damage to the capacitance of several hundred Hertz, make the capacitor heated and even explode.

(2) The effect of operating capacitance on frequency conversion. With the application of the frequency inverter,the absorption and release of the power supply of the running capacitor will block the "dead zone" in waveform of the frequency inverter, resulting in the public conduction between upper bridge and lower bridge, that is, short circuit, and resulting in the burning of the power parts of the inverter.

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Three-phase power supplyVoltage(AC) 380V±15%(220V and 660V optional)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Applicable motorSquirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor
Starting frequency When the motor is fully loaded, it shall not start more than 4 times per hour;
Less than 10 times per hour with no or little load
Protective classIP20
Anti shock Accorded with IEC68-2-27:15g, 11ms
Seismic capacityVibration intensity is 0.5G or less at an altitude less than 3000 meters
Ambient temperatureThe capacity needn't be reduced when the working temperature is between 0℃ and
40℃(At the temperature between 40℃ and 60℃, the current should be decreased 2% whenever the temperature is 1℃ higher.)
Storage temperature-25℃~70℃
Ambient moisture93% no condensation or drip, in line with IEC68-2-3
Maximum working The capacity will not be reduced when the working height is less than 1000 meters( If
is higher than 1000 meters, the current will be decreased 5% whenever it is 100 meters higher.)
Cooling means Natural cold wind
Installation angle Vertical installation and the angle of tilt should be in the range of ±10°

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