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22kw 3 Phase Motor Soft Starter


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SST-N22
Input/Output power: 22kw
Rated Current: 45A
Input/Output voltage: 380v three phase
Built-in bypass: Yes
Packing Dimension: 25*13.5*18cm
G. W: 2kg
Frequency: 50/60hz
Application: Pump/Fan/Air compressor
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter


Product Overview:

Zhejiang Saikong Electrical Technology Co. , Ltd Soft starters are devices used with AC motors to temporarily reduce load and torque during start-up as compared to discrete contactor switching. Soft starters lower energy use and reduce wear and tear on motors and connected mechanical equipment. This 22kW 380v 50/60hz SST Series soft starter with built-in bypass can greatly reduce the construction cost, the rated power is 22kW, and the voltage is 380V three phase input and output.

Product Features:

1. Built-in bypass contactor

2. Top branded components

3. Alloyed body design with high strength.

4. Control unit with internal power-supply design

5. Set-free rapid deployment

6. Compacted size

Video of SST series soft starter


Advantages of SST series soft starter:
















Power Rate






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Along with society development, technical progress, and the revolutionary changes in the fields of domestic industrial automation control, energy-saving and emission-reduction, our R&D center of Zhejiang Saikong Electrical Co. , Ltd keeps refreshing percepts, optimizing the products. Oriented by the goal to achieve miniaturization, multi-function, digitization, network, specialization and modularization, we believe, in the very near future the new products launched by our R&D center will dominate the industry.







Q: Can soft starter replace VFD?

A: A soft starter is in the circuit for so short a time, it is not likely that the fluting is coming from the variable frequency drive. My logic is that fluting is a low current long time event. Bearing damage that could occur from the very short and very infrequent duration of starting would have to be a very high energy (for that short time), and would more likely be pitting.

Some shaft couplers are insulating; and therefore, won't drain shaft voltages.

However, all of the soft starters that I have used are line (mains) frequency phase angle modulating. Hence they act as three phase variacs (variable autotransformers). I have not run across any stray voltage problems with these units. However, some soft starters modulate only two of the three phases. I don't know what this will cause.

Regarding VFD's, three steps are needed to protect the motor: 1) High enough winding voltage withstand voltage (dielectric strength), 2) Adequate thermal capability to counter the extra (5% or so) winding heading due to the harmonics, and 3) protecting the bearings from developed stray voltage (grounding, bypassing or insulating).

Once a motor is started (softly) there is no reason to have the starter in the running circuit, so it is "removed" by a bypass (shorting) contactor. If the soft starter is used for running too, then it isn't a "starter".

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Electrical parameters of SST series soft starter

Standard GB 14048.6-2008/IEC 60947-4-2:2002
Rated operational voltage 200-415V(-15%+10%)
Max. length between
soft starter and cable 
Permissible ambient environmentoperation: -20℃~+60℃(consider reducing capacity if >40℃)
Storage: -40℃~+70℃
Protection gradeIP20
Permissible installation height5000m(start to reduce capacity for above 1000m)
Starting frequency ≈20 times/hour(Class10 standard load)

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