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37kw Three Phase Mini Softstarter


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SSR4075-A-3P3
Rated power: 37kW
Type: Three phase
Inbuilt bypass: Yes
Rated voltage: 400V
Packing Dimension: 23.5*13.5*15cm
G.W: 2.4kg
Application: Pump/Fan/Compressor
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter


Product Overview:

The SSR series motor soft starter adopting RS485 communication interface, support Modbus protocol. It is suited for the industry bus monitoring and control, and widely used on textile, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, shipping, transportation, medicine, food processing, mining and mechanical equipments.


Product Features:

◆ Three-Phase control

◆ Integrate construction, Protection grade IP42

◆ Wide Range Voltage 200-500 VAC

◆ Direct Potentiometer Setting, Easy To Use.

◆ Wide Range Control Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz

◆ All Range Bypass Built in, Easy To Install

◆ Optional Control voltage 24VDC

◆ Reduce Energy Consumption.

◆ Rated current 1. 5-75A(Inner Connection Max 125A)

◆ Optional Modbus RTU for monitoring

◆ Selectable Internal Wiring Or External Wiring

◆ Most of communication protocols supported

◆ Control Board Enhanced Coating

◆ Motor protections build-in

◆ The controlling circuit boards in the SSR softstarter have a protective coating to ensure a reliable operation even in tough environments like wastewater plants, where corrosive gases and acids may exist.


ac motor softstarter.jpg

Internal Analytic Diagram

soft starter.jpg

motor soft starter.jpg


Internal Control Diagram:




Soft Starter Wiring Mode:



Application Diagram



Perfect motors protection

SSR soft starter Combine the perfect protection function, It can deal with the abnormal state of electric power grid or motor, the powerful adaptability would ensure the stable operation.

Perfect pump control function

SSR have many special functions to improve efficiency, for example the Continuous torque control for the pump.

The built-in bypass

All range Bypass built in, save time, lower consume. The start and the stop process of SSR motor soft starter with consume. when the motor operation at rated speed, the soft starter triggered bypass relay, so it would save the transistor heating and save energy consume. The bypass circuit is strictly screened and tested, help customer save the wiring and installation & check time. Meanwhile it will minimize the cabinet.

Non contact start/stop motor control

The start and the stop process of SSR softstarter with smooth current change and non surge close and non arcing break. Greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.

About us:

Zhejiang Saikong Electrical Technology Co, Ltd was originated from Shanyu technology which was built in the year of 2000. The company mainly focuses on electrical drive control, electrical motion control, solar energy technology, high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment, electrical complete units and industrial automation devices.





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Technical specification of SSR series softstarter
Frequency 50/60Hz±5Hz
Rated main voltage 220-500±10%VAC(chose by customer);
Control source voltage 100-240VAC-15%+10% or 24VDC(chose by customer);
The motor adapted Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor
Times of start per hour <5 at 400% FLA
Motor rated operational currentMotor full load current: 1.5-75A
Initial voltage 30%-70%Un
Start slope1-30 seconds
Stop slope1-30 seconds
Over current During start,operation,stop,output current over limit
Unbalanced currentOutput current unbalanced level beyond the setting
1²t over load May set to 10A,10...overload protection base on the setting
to delay protection stop 
Missing phase/No voltage Stop the softstarter when 1 or 2 phases failed or no voltage input 
Thyristor(SCR) overtempStop the softstarter when the radiator temperature rises above 80℃
Phase sequenceForbid starting when the input phase sequence is wrong
(If the function is unnecessary, please tell us before ordering)

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