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Three Phase 380V Ac Motor Soft Starter


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SST Series
Input/Output power: 5.5kw-45kw
Input/Output voltage: 380v 3-phase
Built-in bypass: Yes
Frequency: 50/60hz
Application: Mixer/pump/Fan
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter


Product Overview:

SST series motor soft starter is the latest research and development achievement upon the traditional soft starter. The new type of soft starter product is introduced based on application characteristics and the features of low-power motor (5. 5KW~45KW). Meanwhile, SAFESSAVE SST Series soft starter is a device used with AC electrical motors to temporarily reduce the load and torque in the power train and electric current surge of the motor during start-up. This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor and shaft, as well as the electrodynamic stresses on the attached power cables and electrical distribution network, extending the lifespan of the system.

Video of SST series soft starter

Advantages of SST series soft starter:
















Power Rate









Q: The bypass of the soft starter cannot be closed?

A: The user finishes using the soft starter but the bypass contactor does not pull closed. The causes may be as follows:

(1) In the starting process, an error action is caused due to the relatively low value setting of the protection device. ( Just re-adjust the protective device)

(2) In the debugging, the parameters of the soft starter are improperly set.

(3) The control line is in bad connection. (Check the control circuit)

(4) The control panel of the soft starter fails. (Contact with the factory of the soft starter)

Q: The non-full-phase fault of the soft starter ?

A: In the debugging process of the soft starter, there reports a non-full-phase fault, with failure indicator lighted but the motor no responding. The cause of the malfunction may be as follows:

(1) The soft starter intrigues protection action due to the non-full-phase fault of the power supply. (check the power supply)

(2) No load is connected to the output terminal of the soft starter (The soft starter will not work properly until the output terminal is connected to a load. )

(3) F2 should be set to 0 using multiple control mode.

(4) The internal controllable silicon trigger line of the soft starter is in bad connection or the control board is in fault. (Contact with manufacturer)

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Electrical parameters of SST series soft starter

Standard GB 14048.6-2008/IEC 60947-4-2:2002
Rated operational voltage 200-415V(-15%+10%)
Max. length between
soft starter and cable 
Permissible ambient environmentoperation: -20℃~+60℃(consider reducing capacity if >40℃)
Storage: -40℃~+70℃
Protection gradeIP20
Permissible installation height5000m(start to reduce capacity for above 1000m)
Starting frequency ≈20 times/hour(Class10 standard load)

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