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220v Three Phase Frequency Inverter


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SN200G Series
Input/Output power: 0.4kw-75kW
Input type: 220V three phase
Maximum Frequency: 1000Hz
Control Mode: V/F control / Flux vector control
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter


Video of SN200G Series Variable frequency drive


Product Overview:

SAFESAVE SN200G three phase 220V series frequency converter realizes high performance motor control even in the condition of insensitive motor parameters. It is an ideal general frequency converter which features multi functions, user friendly wide ranged frequency, high torque output, swift response and high reliability. It can work steadily under the frequency between 0~3200Hz. It is suitable for processing machinery and high speed motors.

Product Features:

1. Compact size

2. Rich Features

3. Perfect Protection

4. IGBT module

5. Removable control panel

6. Wide range of applications

Control panel of SN200G series frequency converter


Advantages of SN200G series frequency inverter


Product Selection of SN200G series ac drive: Three phase 220V 

SN200G 220v  inverter.png

Product Selection of SN200G series ac drive: Three phase 380V 


Top branded components:








This SN200G series vfd supports PG cards, terminal expansion cards, professional special machinery cards and a variety of communication protocol cards.

VFD frequency inverter.jpg


Application: Pump/Air compressor/Converyor/Extrusion Machine/Fan/Mill Machine/Motor..






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A: You can pay via T/T, Western Union. Paypal

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A: We can accept EXW, FOB, CIF and so on.

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A: Most of our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and Mid East.

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Maximum Frequency0~300Hz Vector control
0~3200Hz V/F control
Carrier Frequency

The carrier frequency can be adjusted automatically according to the load characteristics
Input Frequency Resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz
Simulation settings: maximum frequency x 0.025%
Control Mode

Openloop vector control(SVC)
V/F Closed loop vector control(FVC) V/F control
Starting Toque

G machine: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC) ; 0Hz/180% 〈FVC)
P machine: 0.5Hz/100%
Speed Range1: 100 (SVC) / 1: 1000 (FVC )
Steady Speed Precision+0.5% (SVC ) / ±0.02% (FVC)
Toque Control Precision+0.5% (FVC)
Overload Capability

G type machine: 150% the rated current 60s; 180% the rated current 3S
P type machine: 120% the rated current 60s; 150% the rated current 3S
Toque LiftingAutomatic torque lifting; manualtorque lifting 0.1%~30.0%
V/F CurveV/F Three ways: straight line type; multi-point type; Nth power V/F curve
(to the power of 1.2nd, 1.4th, 1.6th, 1.8th and 2nd. )
V/F Separation2 ways:fullseparation, semi separation
Acceleration and Deceleration Curve

Linear or S-curve acceleration and deceleration, four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time
0.0~6500.0s _ Acceleration and deceleration time range0.0~6500.0s
DC Brake

DC braking frequency: 0.00Hz~ Max frequency
Current value: 0.0%~100.0%
Point Motion Control
Point frequency range: 0.00Hz~50.00Hz
Point acceleration and deceleration time 0.0s~6500.0s
Simple PLC, Multi Speed OperationAchieve up to 16-segment speed operation through the built-in PLC or control terminal 
Build-In PIDFacilitate process control overthe closed loop control system
Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR)When the grid voltage changes, the output voltage can still be kept constant
Over-Voltage Over-Current Stall ControlAutomatic limit of current and voltage during operation to prevent tripping due to frequent over current or over voltage
Fast Current Limit FunctionMinimize the over-current fault, protect the normal operation of the inverter
Toque Limit And ControlWith an extractor's characteristics, automatic torque limit during operation to avoid frequent over-currenttrip;torque control can be realized in closed loop vector mode

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