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Economical Compacted 380v Vector Inverter


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SN200MN
Input/Output power: 0.75kw~11kW
Input/Output type: 380V three phase
Frequency: 0-3200Hz
Control mode: Vector control
Application: Food machinery/Cutting machine/Fan
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter

Product Overview:

SAFESAVE SN200MN series economical compacted 380V vector frequency converter is a kind of high-performance vector converter that can be used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase. AC asynchronous motor. With good load adaptability, high-precision speed control ability, low-speed high-torque output performance, excellent overload capacity and abundant setting functions, it's widely applied in various automatic production equipment such as textile, machine tool, package, draught fan, water pump and paper-making, etc.

Advantages of SN200MN Series frequency inverter

Product Features:

1. Movable control board

2. Compacted size

3. High performance

4. Vector control

5. Economical design

6. IGBT module

7. Excellent Heat Dissipation

8. Easy operation

9. Easy Installation

The VFD's panel can be removable




Selection of SN200MN frequency inverter

SN200MN converter


Using environment:

1. Places of use: Indoor, free from sunlight, no dust, corrosive gases, flammable gasses, oil mist, water vapor, drip or salt, etc.

2. Lower than 1000 meters.

3. -10℃~+40℃(Derated if used at the ambient temperature of 40℃-50℃)

4. Less than 5. 9m/s2(0. 6g)

5. -20℃~+60℃


1. Insulation inspection of motor :

When firstly using motor, using motor again after putting for a long time and regularly checking motor winding. During insulation inspection, separate motor wire from frequency converter. 500V voltage-type tramegger is suggested and ensure measured insulation resistance >5MΩ.

2. Thermal protection of motor:

If selected motor does not match with rated capacity of frequency converter, especially if rated power is larger than that of frequency converter, please adjust related parameter values of motor protection or install thermal relay in front of motor for protection.

3. Operation above power frequency:

The frequency converter offers output frequency at 0Hz~3200Hz. If users need to operate at above 50Hz, please consider the tolerance of mechanical device.

4. Lightening impulse protection:

There's lightening stroke over-current protection device in frequency converter, so it has certain self-protection ability for inductive thunder. If lightening stoke is frequent in the place of client, additional protection in front of frequency converter is essential.

Application of SN200MN VFD:





Q: Can I get some samples?

A: Yes, sample order is available for quality check and market test. After we receive the sample charge, the samples will be l be delivered in 7-15 days.

Q: What's your Warranty terms?

A: We offter 18 months warranty time.

Q: How to be SAFESAVE dealer in our country?

A: SAFESAVE Electrical are looking for a reliable dealer who have professional knowledge and good contacts in local market . and we will check his annual sales. As you know . the after sale service are very important. It need professional technician to do service. Most time it not quality problem. It may be application problem. How to set the parameters according to actual application.

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Technical specification of SN200MN series frequency converter
Maximum frequencyVector control:0-300Hz
V/F control: 0-3200Hz
Carrier wave frequency 0.5kHz-16kHz
The carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics
Input frequency resolutionDigital setting: 0.01Hz
Analog setting: maximum frequency×0.025%
Control mode Open loop vector control(SVC)
Closed loop vector control(FVC)
Starting torqueType G maachine: 0.5Hz/150%(SVC);0Hz/180%(FVC)
Type P machine: 0.5Hz/100%
Speed adjusting range1:100(SVC) /  1:1000(FVC)
Accuracy of speed stability±0.5%(FVC) / ±0.02%(FVC)
Accuracy of torque control±5%(FVC)
Overload capabilityType G machine: 150% the rated current, 60s; 180% the rated current, 3s.
Type P machine: 120% the rated current, 60s; 150% the rated current, 3s.
Torque lifting Automatic torque lifting; Manual torque lifting 0.1%-30.0%
V/F curveThree types: straight line type; multipoint type; N sub square V/F curve
V/F separationTwo types: full separation, semi separation
Acceleration and deceleration curveStraight line mode or acceleration and deceleration S curve mode. Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time.
DC brake DC braking frequency: 0.00Hz-maximum frequency 
Braking time:0.0s-36.0s brake action 
Current value: 0.0%-100%
Point dynamic brake Point moving frequency range: 0.00Hz-50.00Hz
Point motion acceleration and deceleration time: 0.00s-6500.0s
Simple PLC,multi speedUp to 16 segments of speed operation through built-in PLC or control terminal 
Build-in PID A closed loop control system for convenient realization of process control 
Automatic voltage regulationWhen the voltage of the power grid is changed,the output voltage can still be kept
Control of over-voltage, overflow and stallAutomatic limit of current and voltage during operation to prevent tripping off for frequent overflowing or over voltage
Fast current limiting functionMinimize overcurrent failure and protect the normal operation of the frequency converter
Torque limit and control Excavator characterisics are to limit the torque automatically during the operation and prevent frequency overcurrent
tripping, and the closed loop vector mode can realize torque control

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