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380v Three Phase 7.5hp VFD


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SN200G Series
Input/Output power: 5.5kw/7.5hp
Input type: 380V three phase
Maximum Frequency: 3200Hz
Control Mode: V/F control / Flux vector control
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter


Video of SN200G Series Variable frequency drive

Product Overview:

The high performance SN200G 380v three phase series frequency converter has very dynamic characteristics, providing rich expanding supports( It supports PG cards, terminal expansion cards, professional special machinery cards and a variety of communication protocol cards.)

Product Features:

1. Control panel can be used outside of the cabinet: the interface can lead the face panel to the operation panel of the equipment.

2. Rich functions: high frequency output, 8-segment speed, remote communication, speed tracking, single-cycle count, built-in braking, process PID, simple PLC, user password lock and other ultra multi functions.

3. Perfect protection: it provides multi protections against over-current, overvoltage, under voltage, over temperature, overload. no-full-phase and Etc.

4. Wide range of applications: it matches with water supply, fan, transmission packaging, textile, engraving and cutting machinery, supporting a variety of Industries.

Advantages of SN200G series frequency inverter


Control panel of SN200G series frequency converter


Rated power of SN200G series frequency drive : Three phase 220V 

SN200G 220v  inverter.png

Rated power of SN200G series frequency drive: Three phase 380V 


Top branded components:








This SN200G series vfd supports PG cards, terminal expansion cards, professional special machinery cards and a variety of communication protocol cards.

VFD frequency inverter.jpg


Application: Pump/Air compressor/Converyor/Extrusion Machine/Fan/Mill Machine/Motor..


Certification: ISO9001/CCC/CE/Patent Certificate


About Us

Zhejiang Saikong Electrical Technology Co., Ltd under the brand SAFESAVE is a professional manufacturer of VFD/frequency converter, soft starter and accessories. We have a powerful RnD team with Professor Zhao as chief engineer, who is a tutor of PHD in Shanghai Fudan University, we have very close relationship with many research and scientic centers in Shanghai universities.


Q: What's the standard pf package?

A: For the small capacity, it use carton, but for big capacity, we should use strong wooden case for protection.

Q: Would you accept to use our logo?

A: If you have good quantity, it absolute no problem to do OEM.

Q: What's the price and MOQ?

A:  No MOQ. Please just send us your requirments, your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours, we will let you know the latest price.

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Maximum Frequency0~300Hz Vector control
0~3200Hz V/F control
Carrier Frequency

The carrier frequency can be adjusted automatically according to the load characteristics
Input Frequency Resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz
Simulation settings: maximum frequency x 0.025%
Control Mode

Openloop vector control(SVC)
V/F Closed loop vector control(FVC) V/F control
Starting Toque

G machine: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC) ; 0Hz/180% 〈FVC)
P machine: 0.5Hz/100%
Speed Range1: 100 (SVC) / 1: 1000 (FVC )
Steady Speed Precision+0.5% (SVC ) / ±0.02% (FVC)
Toque Control Precision+0.5% (FVC)
Overload Capability

G type machine: 150% the rated current 60s; 180% the rated current 3S
P type machine: 120% the rated current 60s; 150% the rated current 3S
Toque LiftingAutomatic torque lifting; manualtorque lifting 0.1%~30.0%
V/F CurveV/F Three ways: straight line type; multi-point type; Nth power V/F curve
(to the power of 1.2nd, 1.4th, 1.6th, 1.8th and 2nd. )
V/F Separation2 ways:fullseparation, semi separation
Acceleration and Deceleration Curve

Linear or S-curve acceleration and deceleration, four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time
0.0~6500.0s _ Acceleration and deceleration time range0.0~6500.0s
DC Brake

DC braking frequency: 0.00Hz~ Max frequency
Current value: 0.0%~100.0%
Point Motion Control
Point frequency range: 0.00Hz~50.00Hz
Point acceleration and deceleration time 0.0s~6500.0s
Simple PLC, Multi Speed OperationAchieve up to 16-segment speed operation through the built-in PLC or control terminal 
Build-In PIDFacilitate process control overthe closed loop control system
Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR)When the grid voltage changes, the output voltage can still be kept constant
Over-Voltage Over-Current Stall ControlAutomatic limit of current and voltage during operation to prevent tripping due to frequent over current or over voltage
Fast Current Limit FunctionMinimize the over-current fault, protect the normal operation of the inverter
Toque Limit And ControlWith an extractor's characteristics, automatic torque limit during operation to avoid frequent over-currenttrip;torque control can be realized in closed loop vector mode

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