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Single To Three Phase 220v Frequency Inverter


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SN200MN Series
Input/Output power: 0.75kw- 2.2kW
Input voltage: 220V single phase
Frequency: 0-3200Hz
Application: Pump/Fan/Conveyor belt
Control mode: Vector control
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter

Product Overview:

The single phase input and three phase output 220V SN200MN series VFD is a general purpose high performance with low speed and high torque output. It has good dynamic characteristics, powerful functions but smaller size due to its compacted design. It based on the software platform of SN200G series frequencyconverter . Besides, it can be widely used in a variety of complex occasions with a high performance.

Product Features:

1)Various voltage levels: it supports three voltage levels- singl phase 220V, three phase 220V, and three phase 380V

2) Rich control methods: in addition to the speed sensor vector control, sensorless vector control, V/F control, it also supports V/F separation control

3) Optional field bus: it supports two kinds of bus-Modbus-RTU and CANLINK

4) Rich types of encoders: it supports differential encoder, open collector encoder, rotary transformer, etc.

5)Brand new sensorless vector control algorithm

The new SVC(sensorless vector control) brings better low-speed stability, stronger low-frequency load capacity, and the support for SVC torque control

6)Strong background software: the background software can achieve the frequency converter parameters of the upload download, real-time oscilloscope and other functions.

Advantages of SN200MN Series frequency converter

Function Features:

1. Restore user parameters: This function supports the customer to save or restore the parameters of its own settings.

2. Display of customized parameters: Functional parameters to be displayed for user customization

3. Display of revised parameters: The user can view the modified function parameters

4. Fault processing options: According to the needs, the user can determine the operating mode of the frequency converter after a specific fault occurs: free stop, deceleration, stop, and continue to run. It is also possible to choose the frequency of the continuing operation.

5. PID parameter switching: There are two sets of PID parameters, which can be switched by terminal switch or according to the deviation.

6. PID feedback on loss detection: Setting the PID feedback on loss detection value to realize the protection of the PID during the running.

7. DIDO positive and negative logic: User-set positive and negative logic of DIDO.

8. DIDO response delay: The user sets the DIDO response delay time.

9. Run timing: Support timing maximum 6500 minutes for running.

10. Wireless remote control: The extended wireless module is used to set and control the remote parameters.

The VFD's panel can be removable




Selection of SN200MN frequency inverter

SN200MN converter


Application of SN200MN Series frequency inverter:





Q: What's delivery time of this frequency inverter?

A: It usually takes about 3-5 working days for small order and 10-15 days for big order.

Q: What's your payment terms?

A: We usually accept all kinds of payment terms . Such as T/T, L/C, Western Union. PayPal, Cash.

Q: What's your frequency inverter's warranty period?

A: We offer 18 months warranty.

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Technical specification of SN200MN series frequency converter
Maximum frequencyVector control:0-300Hz
V/F control: 0-3200Hz
Carrier wave frequency 0.5kHz-16kHz
The carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics
Input frequency resolutionDigital setting: 0.01Hz
Analog setting: maximum frequency×0.025%
Control mode Open loop vector control(SVC)
Closed loop vector control(FVC)
Starting torqueType G maachine: 0.5Hz/150%(SVC);0Hz/180%(FVC)
Type P machine: 0.5Hz/100%
Speed adjusting range1:100(SVC) /  1:1000(FVC)
Accuracy of speed stability±0.5%(FVC) / ±0.02%(FVC)
Accuracy of torque control±5%(FVC)
Overload capabilityType G machine: 150% the rated current, 60s; 180% the rated current, 3s.
Type P machine: 120% the rated current, 60s; 150% the rated current, 3s.
Torque lifting Automatic torque lifting; Manual torque lifting 0.1%-30.0%
V/F curveThree types: straight line type; multipoint type; N sub square V/F curve
V/F separationTwo types: full separation, semi separation
Acceleration and deceleration curveStraight line mode or acceleration and deceleration S curve mode. Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time.
DC brake DC braking frequency: 0.00Hz-maximum frequency 
Braking time:0.0s-36.0s brake action 
Current value: 0.0%-100%
Point dynamic brake Point moving frequency range: 0.00Hz-50.00Hz
Point motion acceleration and deceleration time: 0.00s-6500.0s
Simple PLC,multi speedUp to 16 segments of speed operation through built-in PLC or control terminal 
Build-in PID A closed loop control system for convenient realization of process control 
Automatic voltage regulationWhen the voltage of the power grid is changed,the output voltage can still be kept
Control of over-voltage, overflow and stallAutomatic limit of current and voltage during operation to prevent tripping off for frequent overflowing or over voltage
Fast current limiting functionMinimize overcurrent failure and protect the normal operation of the frequency converter
Torque limit and control Excavator characterisics are to limit the torque automatically during the operation and prevent frequency overcurrent
tripping, and the closed loop vector mode can realize torque control

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