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3-phase Solar VFD for Irrigation System


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SN360 Series
Power range: 0.75kW~132kW
Input: DC 400v~750V or AC 3 phase, 380v
Output: AC 3 phase, 380V
Smart Control: MPPT
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter

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Video of SN360 Series solar pump frequency inverter

Product Overview:

Zhejiang Saikong SN360 3 phase 380V Series solar vfd is new high-performance current right amount inverter, based on the European power and the latest control theoretical and technological achievements and combining with the latest market power technology application requirements, which control motors perfect by servo function for a comprehensive solution to the high-end control filed. It adopts the American TI DSP high speed control chip, Germany Infineon IGBT, Japan MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC IPM automatic control module, Avago driver, Germany SIEMENS filter capacitor, Italy Ducati Energia snubber capacitor, Japan LEM hall, Japan TAMURA hall, Schneider switching power supply and so on.

Product Features:

◎ Without interference on the motor and driven load

◎ Perfectly integrated in the control system

◎ Operational simplicity

◎ Range of high-quality services

◎ Return on investment

◎ Production efficiency improved

◎ Lower energy costs

◎ Protect the motor and equipment

◎ Competitive

◎ Low maintenance costs

Selection of SN360 Series solar vfd

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SN360-380V 480v solar vfd.jpg

Basic Submersible Solar Water Pumping System

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Solar Pump Irrigation System


Solar Pumping System


Wiring Diagram

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About us:

Zhejiang Safesave Electrical Technology Co., Ltd was invested and build by Shanghai Shuen Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Safesave focuses on high- voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment, electrical complete units and industrial automation devices. During the years from 2013 to 2016, the R&D center has applied for over twenty technical patents, including 4 invention patents, 14 patents of new utility models, 6 structure patents, 3 software copyright patents. Up until the end of 2016, 3 of our new invention patents have been publicly announced and are to be approved. our R&D center keeps refreshing percepts, optimizing the products. Oriented by the goal to achieve miniaturization, multi-function, digitization, network, specialization and modularization, we believe, in the very near future the new products launched by our R&D center will dominate the industry.


Q: What is MOQ of the solar frequency inverter?

A: The Minimum Order Quantity is 1 set.

Q: What will your company do for the warranty?

A: All the goods are 100% quality testing before shipping. We'll offer 18 months warranty.During the warranty period,if goods have any quality problem without any human factors, we'll send parts for your repair and replace.

Q: Can you accept OEM orders?

A: Yes, OEM/ODM orders are highly welcome.

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Technical specification of SN360 series solar VFD
Input  Input AC voltage(V) AC380 3PH 380V_-15%) 440V(+10%)
AC220 Single phase 220v±15%
AC220 3-phase 220V±15%
Maximum input DC bus voltage  800VDC
Recommended DC bus voltage  540VDC
Recommended MPPT range 450-750VDC(380VDC)
Input current(A) Refer to the rated value
Input current(Hz) 50Hz or 60Hz,Allowed range:47-63Hz
Output Output voltage(V) 0~the input voltage 
Output current(A) Refer to the rated value 
Output power(kw) Refer to the rated value 
Output frequency(Hz) 0~3200Hz
Control  Motor type Asynchronous motor 
Speed ratio  Asynchronous motor 1:100(SVC)
Speed control accuracy  ±0.2%(SVC)
Speed fluctuation ±0.3%(SVC)
Torque response <20ms(SVC)
Torque control accuracy 10%(SVC)
Starting torque 0.25Hz/150%(SVC)
Overload capability 150% of rated current: 1 minute
180% of rated current: 10 seconds
200% of rated current: 1 second
Running control Frequency setting method Digital setting 
Analog setting  
Pulse frequency setting 
Multi-step speed running setting
Simple PLC setting
PID setting,MODBUS communication setting
Shift between the set combination and set channel
Auto-adjustment of the voltage Keep a stable voltage automatically when the grid voltage transients 
Fault protection  Provide over 30 fault protection functions
Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage
Overheating, phase loss and overload etc
Special functions for PV water pumps  Maximum power tracking, pre-warning at weak light(A-LS), auto wake up at strong light;
Pre-warning when full water(A-tF),auto wake up at low water level;
Underload pre-warning(A-LL) and fault protection of water level sensor(tSF);
When pre-warning, the inverter is in stand-by.
Peripheral interface Terminal analog input resolution ≤20mv
Terminal switch input resolution ≤20ms

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